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Mi Electric Toothbrush

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Mi Electric Toothbrush

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Greet life with a beautiful and confident smile

An effective toothbrush should provide you with:

  • A thorough cleaning experience
  • A healthier cleaning experience
  • A smarter cleaning experience
  • A tighter cleaning experience

The Mi Electric Toothbrush is equipped with three cleaning modes

  • Standard mode
  • Gentle mode
  • Customized Mode

Mi Home App compatible

The Mi Electric Toothbrush's customization feature allows you to set your own brush time, strength and a variety of oral care function that will meet your daily brushing habits and needs. Through the Mi Home App, you can fix the settings and customize your brushing modes.

Equipped with a position detection technology

The Mi Electric Toothbrush has a built-in high-precision acceleration sensor that can detect your brushing position

Brush the greasy feeling away

The Mi Electric Toothbrush can help you put off the uneasy and greasy feeling after eating pizza, meat or fried foods.

Fully charge the Mi Electric toothbrush and last up to 18 days

The Electric toothbrush's power level is  accessible through the Mi home App.

Designed with a compact body with IPX7 water resistance rating that's functional and alluring

A smart and extraordinary home item like this is a prefect complement to a healthy lifestyle. With the multiple injection molding process, every part of it is secured and has an IPX7 water resistance rating. It's convenient and elegant as it has a matte white surface finish that adds texture and grip to the body of electric toothbrush. 

Interchangeable bottom ring color feature

Assign a color for each family member to prevent toothbrush mix-ups.


Cleaning Mode:
3 brushing mode
(Soft Mode)
(Mid Mode)
(Standard Mode)

Brush Material:

DuPont Nylon brush

IPX Rating:









211 x 135 x 42.5 mm