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Mi Fabric Pill Remover

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Mi Fabric Pill Remover

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Ready to use without worrying about battery life

With a 1300mAh lithium battery design, the Mi Fabric Pill Remover can charge quickly in 2 hours and last for 90 minutes. Equipped with a USB charging interface, it is compatible with the mainstream adapter, power bank, and computer interface for charging.

Double protection to ensure safe usage

Once the blade head cover or the storage bin of the wool ball is removed, the machine will immediately cut off the power and shut down to avoid accidental injury.

Subtle light indicator

The electric light indicator is subtle and is designed to prompt the working battery status of the product.

Hair ball storage bin window design

Easily check whether the hair balls in your product’s bin needs to be cleaned out.

Cleaning brush

The small cleaning brush is designed with a long handle that is made to easily clean the knife head and hair ball bin.

Strong suction, to avoid cleaning up extra dirt

The newly designed fan blade of the Mi Fabric Pill Remover effortlessly sucks the hair balls and lint. It is equipped with a P-shaped antibackflow air duct that reduces backflow and ejection of wool ball and scurf.

Light and Simple

With a new and optimized 0.35mm micro arc steel mesh, the Mi Fabric Pill Remover is designed to avoid compression deformation and go through clothes without damaging them.


Blade Size:
5 Blades


Cut and Suction



Charging time:

Up to 120 minutes (Micro USB)

Operating Time:

Up to 90 minutes


Wool cloth/fabric
Pure Silk