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Mi Fidget Cube

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Mi Fidget Cube

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Unlimited Flip

The Mi Fidget Cube is compact, delicate, and fun which can help get rid of stress and anxiety.

Comfortable Feel Craftsmanship

The Mi Fidget Cube is designed for effortless use with soft and smooth corners as it was made from mold accuracy of up to 0.005mm.

Simple, Three-Colored Design

The Mi Fidget Cube consists of a simple gray with an accent of orange for a pleasing modern yet fun look.

Lightweight & Portable

The Mi Fidget Cube is small and lightweight so it can easily fit inside your pocket for you to enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Freely Assembly, Be Creative

The Mi Fidget Cube can be assembled with the Mi Building Blocks Robot. 



Dimension (L x W x H):

103 x 71 x 26mm