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Mi Portable Photo Printer

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Mi Portable Photo Printer

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One printer shared by multiple people

Bluetooth printing without Wi-Fi.

Compact and Portable Pocket-size, easy to carry.

The case is made of ABS/PC fireproof material, which is not easy to deform and discolor.

Slider loading paper, easy to use

Slider cover paper design, two-phase filling of photographic paper, smooth sliding without effort, the outer shell and the body do not need to be separated, a better paper loading experience.

Scan AR photos, Dynamic video

Simply shoot or upload any video can experience the real and dynamic AR photos at any time by scanning photos.

Clear color, one-time imaging

Using color dye-based crystal embedded in the paper, no ink, the print head can be used to heat the photographic paper, no dye, reduce the damage of the print head parts.

High viscosity adhesive photographic paper

Better color retention, higher viscosity, safe stickers, lower photographic paper prices, free stickers.


Printer Resolution:

313 x 400 dpi

Print Size:
50 x 76 mm (2 x 3 inches)

Printing speed:
about 45s / pc

Photo capacity:

10 pcs
Zink Adhesive Photo Paper

Ribbon Capacity:
Zink Inkless Technology

Supported file format:
AR Photo

Mi Home

Bluetooth 4.0


Power Supply:
500mAh Li-ion Battery, 7.4vMicro USB