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Mi Power Strip 3 Outlet 3 USB

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Mi Power Strip 3 Outlet 3 USB

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Equipped with a compact and minimalist design, The Mi Power Strip 3 Outlet, 3 USB has an ample amount of space between the sockets to not compromise with the aesthetics and convenience of the device.

The overload double break protection (L/N pole) used is safer than the usual conventional overload protection systems. Every socket is equipped with safety gates making it a child-friendly product.

Easy to operate

One-button switch control system keeps the operation of the power strip simple.

True Craftsmanship Design

Hook and double spot welding process

Power supply for more devices

The Mi Power Strip 3 Outlet, 3 USB is designed with three standard and three USB interfaces, supplying a total power for six devices simultaneously.


International Plug x 3 (AU, EU, US, CN)


USB x 3 (5V2A fast charging)

Power Switch:

Toggle Switch with LED Indicator


750 degree C Resistance
Power Surge Protection

Single USB Max Output:

5V 2.1A



Rated Current:


Rated Power:

2500W MAX

Cable Length:

1.4 meters

Mi Home App:
Timer/Energy Saving Power Statistics