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Mi Power Strip (8 Ports) No USB

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Mi Power Strip (8 Ports) No USB

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High-quality tin-phospor bronze integrated copper belt technology

Guaranteed electricity safety.

Ultra-thin small plug

Make your wall look tidier, Ultra-thin small plug close to the cap size. Meet industry standards while allowing furniture to be placed more rationally and make better use of every space.

Hidden light, quiet and undisturbed

Good design cares about every minute and details. Even with the warning light, we carefully adjust the color and brightness. Unlike the eye-catching old-fashioned red warning light, the soft white light makes users feel more comfortable and pleasant.

Anti-Skid Pads

The power strip is more stable on the desktop because we add a screw on the position of the anti-skid plate, can place on the flat surface to maintain, always tighten the appearance and use it on any occasion.


International Plug x 8 (AU, EU, US, CN)

Power Switch:
Toggle Switch with LED Indicator

750 degree C Resistance
Power Surge Protection


Rated Current:
10A Max

Rated Power:
2500W Max

Cable Length:
1.8 meters