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Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X

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Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X

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Simulates natural wind

The Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X gives you a more comfortable experience as it provides you with natural wind that's gentle, adjustable and has a wide coverage area.

Large blade area

The Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X uses airfoil feather blades for a more delicate and natural wind blow.

Experience fresh air circulation

When working together with the Mi Air Purifier that has a temperature and humidity sensor, the Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X will automatically turn off when the temperature reaches lower than 18°C and will automatically switch on when current temperature is higher than 27°C. 

Equipped with smart sensitive temperature air blowing system

When connected to bluetooth, the Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor can track temperature change through the Mi Home App's smart environment setting and the Mi Smart Standing Fax 1X will automatically adjust it's wind mode and strength to satisfy your preferences.

Controllable via Mi Home App

The Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X can be controlled via Mi Home App at a long distance. With the use of Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands, you can adjust to your preferred air mode.


4 working speed


30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 140 degree

Rated Power:

37 inches

2.8 kg

Cable length:

Mi Home

Voice Assistant:
Google Assistant

Noise Operation:
Less than 26.6dB

Air Flow Distance:
up to 14 meters