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Mi Wireless Charging Stand 55W

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Mi Wireless Charging Stand 55W

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Charges as soon as it is discharged, 100% charge in 40 minutes

Wirelessly charge the Mi 10 “Extreme Commemorative Edition”. charging to 100% in 40 minutes at the fastest, realizing a full day of battery life.

Ideal tilt angle

The overall appearance is simple and compact, and ergonomic, you can process information while charging, and the viewing angle is excellent.

Built-in silent cooling fan

Built-in silent fan + new air duct design, active heat dissipation, to ensure that the phone does not heat up at low temperatures throughout the process

6-fold smart protection mechanism

  1. Overvoltage protection
  2. Overcurrent protection
  3. Foreign body detection
  4. Over temperature protection
  5. Under-voltage protection 6
  6. Static Protection


Charging Power:

Wireless Charging Compatibility:
Any QI Standard devices supported

Air Fan Cooler:

3.25A Max


Wireless Range:
16 inches

Safety Protection:
Overvoltage Protection
Overcurrent  Protection
Over Temperature  Protection
Under voltage  Protection
Foreign Object  Protection
Static  Protection